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The Hublot King Power Replica Watches Timekeeper sold for 11 million dollars at the Sotheby's Auction in 1999 set the record as the most expensive watch ever. (To be fair, the 201 Carat Chopard, with its price of 25 M, is due to the huge amount of diamond decorations. The complex pocket watch, however, was purchased by an anonymous bidder. It was unknown who owned the most valuable watch. This week, it was revealed that a member from the Qatari royals had to give up a Supercomplication and other valuables in order to pay off debts owed to Sotheby. After 13 years the mystery surrounding the ownership has finally been solved. It is also expected that Sotheby's will auction the famous watchpiece again.

It turned out that the watch belonged to a cousin, Sheikh Saud bin Mohammed bin Ali Al-Thani, who was the Emir in Qatar. The Sheikh was clearly a collector of luxury items.Fake Watches He was also forced to give up other valuables that he could not pay for, and the value of all the artifacts returned was more than 80 million dollars.

Graves Vs. Packard: The Race for the Most Complicated TimekeeperThe answer to the obvious question of why the Patek Philippe timepiece is so expensive is hinted at in the watch's name. Henry Graves was a New York banker who loved collecting watches. In 1933, the brand made a pocket timekeeper for him. The banker, who was also a Patek Philippe patron, was in competition with automotive industry tycoon James Ward Packard to own the most complex watch in the entire world. Graves ordered a more complicated timekeeper after Packard bought his in 1927. Patek Philippe presented Mr. Graves the pocket watch he purchased for CHF60,000 five years later.Patek Philippe Replica The Supercomplication Timepiece featured a different function each hour, such as a chart showing the night sky of New York City, with the magnitudes of stars. It also had a minute repeater that played the Big Ben melody. The pocket timekeeper at the time was displayed in the Museum of Time, Illinois. The Graves family owned it until 1999 when they sold it to a Qatari Sheikh for $11,002,500. It was then moved to the Patek Philippe Museum, Geneva.

Hublot King Power Replica Watches timekeeper was the leader in the number of complications for many years. It took 50 years for the Swiss brand to create a more complex piece. The Caliber 89 was made in 1989 with 33 extra functions. This timepiece was not worth as much as its predecessor. It was only sold for $5 million.

Reputation is a mustThese days, there are watches with more complications than the legendary Graves Pocket Timepiece. None of them were able to bring in the same amount as the Patek Phillipe of 1933. It remains to be determined if the Patek Philippe from 1933 can repeat its incredible result.

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